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Packt’s eBonanza: just $5 for all Ebooks!

Packt 5 Dollar Ebooks

It’s the end of the year and that always leaves some time to learn something new. Don’t forget about your family, but this Packt offer is just to good to skip. All e-books will be available for just $5 until the 6th of january 2015!

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How To Turn Your (Fashion) Ecommerce Store From Blah Into Fantastic with Magento

While there is no disputing the fact that Magento is the best bet for those who want an e-commerce site for their business, it does require thorough knowledge of the platform in order to make thrive any development based on it. Some essentials involve technical expertise, some down-to-earth approach to the business which it is […]

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Magento – Why is it such a customer friendly platform?


Before we begin, a clarification, ‘customer friendly’ in the title not only refers to customers on a site but also business owners who prefer Magento ecommerce platform to satisfy the requirements of their online business. We will take talk about each ‘customer’ separately so as to give you a better idea of why using Magento […]

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The Seven Magic Ingredients for Ecommerce Success – Part 2

, ecommerce succes factors

So you are a webshop owner or have plans to start a webshop and success is within reach, right? Well….yes and no. Webshop success is not guaranteed nowadays, to tell you the truth…it never was. You’re not the only one out there, competition is fierce. So how to make your webshop a success? Part 2 […]

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Is WordPress Ecommerce getting mature?

, WordPress e-commerce using WooCommerce

You know it, we are Ecommerce and Magento fans. But we also love working with WordPress, since producing content and creating an online presence has become so easy for everyone during the last couple of years. The combination of WordPress and ecommerce is slowly getting more mature. Let’s have a look at the current status.

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