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Archive for June 2009

4 reasons the mobile commerce revolution is lagging


Rumours and predictions around the rise of mobile ecommerce (mcommerce) have been around and increasing for a number of years. The actual growth of mcommerce has lagged behind predictions. A study by Nielsen shows that only 4% of the predicted number of mobile phone users purchased using their mobile phone. This article explores four reasons […]

8 Reasons to pick Magento

magento_seo posted an excellent article on selecting your shopping cart software. In the article eight decision criteria are given for selecting a cart. These points will form the basis for this article as an indication why what you should be looking for in a shopping cart is facilitated in Magento (and of course in Magento […]

Magento Enterprise Edition content staging


There is a new blog post at Magento’s web site about Magento Enterprise Edition content staging with a video included. This is a pretty impressive feature, which should make site updates a little safer / better again. I am wondering about the workflows involved in making real use of this, especially when, like often the […]

4 Magento Enterprise Edition frontend improvements


Magento’s enterprise edition has numerous back-end advantages, a more detailed permission system being the nicest in my opinion. The improvements on the default theme in the frontend are somewhat less discussed. The most obvious improvements in the frontend default template are: Cleaner template; not so busy as the bright ‘n blue standard template. Enterprise default […]

Otto’s eCommerce & inspirational shopping


Interesting, mega concern Otto is doing well, sees eCommerce as the biggest sales driver and is investing heavily in social shopping and inspirational shopping. So, what does that mean? Follow the big names and invest in social shopping and inspirational shopping, or try to carve out more niche markets through conventional ecommerce first? With restricted […]

3 pointers for selecting a Magento implementation partner

partner programme

Selecting an implementation partner for your eCommerce platform is hard. Based on a limited amount of knowledge a decision has to be made between a number of providers whose initial pitch is relatively equal. Assuming you have chosen for Magento (solid decision), here are some pointers for selecting your eCommerce Magento partner: Choose a partner […]