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Archive for July 2009

Magento Enterprise Edition private sales video


Magento’s got a new blog post up detailing the private sales functionality in Magento Enterprise Edition, with a demo video. Not what I’m most enthusiastic about but I suppose it’s very useful if you want to create VIP or one-day-fly kind of shops. For invitation based shops, I always wonder what the revenue would have been without […]

5 highlights of the Magento Enterprise Edition roadmap for 2009 & early 2010


Magento had a webinar yesterday where the roadmap for the Magento Enterprise Edition for Q3 / Q4 2009, & early 2010 was given. Some very exciting (and much-needed) new features were announced, hot off the presses here are the highlights: A WYSISYG CMS system with a lot more flexibility: including creating widgets, the maintenance of […]

4 considerations before you download a Magento template


Great, those Magento template sites providing cheap or even free templates! However, before you start you should be aware of these possible issues: Most, if not all, of the cheap or free templates look a lot like default Magento installations. If that is not what you’re looking for, it will probably take a sizeable chunk […]

Magento: specification, there are no small changes


An excellent blog post by Contrast today covered change requests for web applications. While the example used in the blog post may be a little overdrawn, the main point excellent: there are no small changes to web applications. Magento’s very wide range of out of the box features can lead you to think additional features […]

3 quick tips on Magento’s website, store, store view


Many people seem to be struggling with Magento’s website, store and store view when trying to understand multi-store principles. So here’s a quick alternative guide to them: “Website”, “store view” and “store” are just three levels of abstraction you can use to make a structure with multiple shops; The website level does not necessarily mean […]

3 pointers for choosing a Magento template


When it comes to pre-made Magento frontend templates, there’s a wide variety of suppliers. Here are 3 things to look for in the template that is going to be the basis of your eCommerce adventure: The Magento template should match the identity you are trying to convey; The Magento theme should be compatible with the […]

Definitions of upsells, cross-sells, related products, grouped products and bundled products in Magento


Defining cross-sells and upsell can already be a hard thing to do. Enter Magento: default options for entering cross-sells, up-sells and related products. To throw even more into the mix, there are community modules for “customers also bought” and other cross-references in the product catalogue. Another way to tie products together is using Magento’s grouped […]

3 benefits of Magento Enterprise Edition gift cards and store credit


On Magento’s blog we can see Magento Enterprise Edition’s gift cards and customer store credits explained. Three ways these can make your store and story better by improving eCommerce functionality: Store credit can be used as a basis for loyalty programmes. Gift cards you offer in real life / in other channels can now also be […]

10 (Magento) front-end development best practices


Here are 10 best practices for front-end development (in Magento): Understand Magento’s front-end structure and follow conventions. Know how Magento is comprised of modules, know how layout XML creates page layouts and know how html blocks get loaded as defined by the page layouts. It is good to learn Magento’s structure first and then start […]