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Archive for September 2009

Magento: Buying or building modules


Because of the open nature of Magento’s commerce platform, and the fast spread of adoption of the platform there’s a wide range of commercially available modules in the market right now. Examples of module shops are (but are not limited to) AheadWorks, WebshopExtensions and Aitoc, which all feature some interesting modules. This places webshop developers […]

Importing customers into Magento without newsletter subscription notification


Recently we had a fairly large customer base we had to import from an ePages shop into Magento. During import with dataflow profiles, using some test data, we found that all email addresses of the test data received a newsletter subscription success email (we imported clients with column is_subscribed set to 1). Sending tens of […]



Making an interactive site can be cumbersome. Somebody recently pointed me to ixEdit, an interaction development aid. It works by generating jQuery javascript code. Hopefully Prototype support will come so ixEdit can also aid in Magento development… There’s a pretty convincing video on their site, showing that the tool can at least be well used […]