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Archive for December 2010

3 Non-automated ways to improve Magento order administration efficiency


Many budding eCommerce entrepreneurs find out that managing a webshop requires more administrative effort than expected beforehand. Here are 3 non-automated ways of improving the efficiency of order management (in Magento). 1 – Learn Magento’s way of handling orders This is a general point in using any software system. I sometimes notice people starting out […]

Fix for Magento PayPal and shipping costs

paypal bugfix

There is a bug in the PayPal module in Magento Sometimes shipping costs are not pushed to PayPal resulting in a different paid total in PayPal. It occurs under these circumstances: The order has shipping costs; Your customer chooses to register a new account during checkout. For guest customers or already existing customers the […]

15 Free high quality Magento themes to download


Since the popularity of Magento is still increasing, the number of available themes is getting at a level where there’s really something to choose from. Also, well-known templating companies like Woothemes and Joomlart started delivering premium, paid templates to their customers. However, let’s have a look at what’s available for free. Is the quality of […]

4 things to check when your categories do not show in Magento

Screen shot 2010-12-13 at 20.49 1

Adding categories and not seeing them in the navigation menu in the front-end is a common problem for people just starting out in Magento. Usually it’s pretty easily fixed by checking the following 2 things: Is the “is active” option set to “yes” in the “general” tab? Is the “include in navigation menu” option set […]

10 Steps to start your own ecommerce business


Nowadays starting your own online store is more popular than ever before. And why wouldn’t you? The techniques and tools needed to be able to start are generally available and affordable. Compared to starting a physical store the investment needed is smaller in most situations. Your potential group of customers is very large and easy […]