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Archive for May 2011

Ultimate Magento SEO tips and tricks – part 2: themes


Here we are back again with a new episode of our Magento Seo tips and tricks series. The first article was about Magento content seo, so now it’s time to take a closer look at themes. Magento  themes? Can that influence your search engine optimization as well? Yes, certainly. Having an optimized theme is just […]

Content Commerce & Magento


At Meet Magento 2011 in The Netherlands (Robbert wrote his impression of this Magento conference last week) there was an interesting presentation by Geert Jan Smits about Content Commerce. In short, the idea behind content commerce is to enrich your webshop with unique content to drive organic and/or viral traffic. This post discusses some approaches you […]

Meet Magento The Netherlands 19th of May


I visited Meet Magento day yesterday. Here in The Netherlands, so for me only a short drive through morning traffic. The Magento meetup was organized for the 3rd time by Guido Jansen, who has been a key player in the local Magento community from the beginning. The location was the same as the years before, […]

Extension of the week: Follow up Email


Maybe we should change names and rename this section to ‘Extension of the month’. It’s been a while since we discussed one, but we are still learning and improving. So anyway, this time we found an interesting extension for Magento from the well-known developers of Aheadworks: Follow up Email.

10 Signs you need to switch to Magento (Enterprise Edition)


You’re happily selling along with your e-commerce store. Conversion rates are ok, revenue graphs go up and to the right and customers like your product. Still you feel a little uneasy as your gut tells you there’s lots left open that would make you a real powerhouse because your current e-commerce product is holding you […]

Ultimate Magento SEO tips and tricks – part 1: content

Ultimate magento seo tips and tricks

So, you’re working already with Magento or just started using this great ecommerce solution? And you find it difficult to perform better in the Search engines? Maybe our ultimate list of SEO tips and tricks for Magento can help. However, be aware that there is no such thing as the golden rule or trick that […]

Quick tip: Login problem on local Magento using Xampp


Recently I was struggling getting Magento 1.5 to run on a local webserver using Xampp. The installation itself was not so difficult and actually the wiki here on the magento website was helping to get things started. But after the installation I couldn’t login to the Magento backend, where the frontend seemed to work fine.