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Archive for September 2011

15 Tips for better conversion by design

Website conversion tips

In the end almost every website has a goal: creating leads or making the sale is one of the major reasons for having a website at all. When designing your website or webshop there are a lot of things that will influence the results. In this article we give you 15 tips that you can […]

Finally: Magento and Mailchimp integration

Magento and Mailchimp finally integrate

When I was starting with Magento a few years ago one of the things that I really missed was a good integration with a widely used newsletter solution. Since then a lot of things have changed. In the professional market there are solutions available that promise a complete integration, like for example the Campaign Commander […]

6 important bits of information to check when your webshop launches


Six important things that are often forgotten to do when you’re about to launch your shop: Describe all customizations done to your shop. Include information such as which custom theme you use, where that theme is located, who built the theme. Also consider which e-mails your translated and which are still left to translate (if […]