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Archive for October 2011

What’s your store’s unfair advantage?


Jason Cohen over at A Smart Bear wrote an excellent article a while ago about why and how your startup busineses can have an unfair advantage. Now, e-commerce  is not an original business idea at all. Of course this doesn’t mean it’s a bad plan to start an e-commerce website, as the e-commerce market is sized […]

A new 2011 Magento themes collection

Magento 2011 themes collection

It’s already been a while since we posted our first collection of free Magento themes and since then it has been one of our most popular pages on this blog. But it’s already been a while since we released that article, so here’s an update of recent, 2011 Magento themes in as well free as […]

6 Tips for a better e-commerce product page

Tips to Improve your e-commerce product pages

The product page is one of the most important parts of your online store. If it’s good you will sell more. If it sucks, customers will leave your website early looking for the information theey need somewhere else.