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Archive for November 2011

The 10 best e-commerce infographics

The best e-commerce infographics

Infographics are pretty popular lately. They give the creator often a kind of status and they often go viral on social media. Why? Because we all love to see them! At least, the good ones of course. Every infographic must at least contain a certain amount of valuable information in stead of only plain statistics. […]

How to increase your conversion rate with personalization and discovery

Conversion optimization by personalization

It’s a continuing challenge for online retailers to increase their ecommerce site conversion rates, because there are so many different variables which can affect how many of your visitors turn into customers. If you’re proud of a 2% conversion rate, you should consider the downside: 98% of your visitors either don’t find the products they […]

E-commerce design inspiration

e-commerce design inspiration

Do you need to create a new webshop or want to redesign an existing one? And you need to get this job done yourself? Or at least set the direction for the new design? We gathered for this post lots of diferent e-commerce designs, from as well widely known as unknown stores. Oh, before we […]

Guest checkout


This point is short and sweet: Your store should most likely allow guest checkouts. A considerable number of shops I come across wants to emulate the big names like Amazon and require a customer account registration or login in their checkout. Smaller webshops probably shouldn’t. In a number of stores now I’ve witnessed a tremendous […]