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Archive for December 2011

11 More Best Practices for E-commerce Checkout Conversions


This is the final part of our checkout best practices roundup, and also the last post of 2011! Our previous post in this series focused on the structure of your cart and checkout. Now we’ll list some tips for capturing your user’s data during the checkout. 1 – Don’t make your customer think, design for the […]

Can a WordPress site offer serious e-commerce?


Beginners in e-commerce often don’t have a large budget to start an online store. And even a Magento project can consume several thousands of dollars if you don’t have the knowledge yourself. So you’re in search of something easy and cheap, right? Of course, there are lots of possibilities, but in this article we’re paying […]

Analysing your average UPV/V metric to increase conversions with personalisation

E-commerce conversion and personalisation

This is the 2nd part of a series of articles about Conversion and Personalization. Last month we already noticed that there’s a large downside when your store is having a respectable conversion rate of 2%. The downside is about 98% large, so somehow there must be multiple reasons for visitors not to buy from you. […]

12 Best Practices for E-commerce Checkout Conversions


Your checkout is one of the most important sections of your store, and the easiest to screw up. Every customer of yours that wants to purchase something will pass through it, making it one of the most-visited pages on stores with a lot of products (your customers’ visits will be distributed over your products, but […]