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Archive for January 2012

Magento: Imagine that your customers aren’t buying it

Magento Imagine popup

Magento is our favourite e-commerce solution. That’s not someething new here on this blog and you probably are aware of that anyway. But in my opinion, there’s a little scratch now on Magento’s reputation. And if you are a Magento user yourself you”ll immediately recognize what I’m talking about.

86% discount: The Plundor Magento Extension Bundle!


Happy newyear! To kick off the year properly Plundor (which was started by Guido and I) offerts a bundle of six great Magento extensions to crank up those conversion rates. Plundor is selling the $150 dollar bundle (valued at $1,272.50) that’s worth its weight in gold until the end of this week. It’s the first of many bundles and […]