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Archive for March 2012

What a secure website can do for your sales

Secure websites are a must to increase sales

According to recent studies, over 20% of customers have abandoned their shopping cart in the past because they were concerned about the website’s security. With the increasing threats and cyber criminals becoming more and more professional that number might even go up in the future. Having a secure website is no longer an option. Making […]

Why multiple ecommerce sites lead to increased sales

Multiple ecommerce sites

One strategy that is proven to help businesses increase their sales is to develop multiple ecommerce websites. A broader keyword focus helps to mop up those niche markets with more obscure search terms.

Tailoring Magento to B2B e-commerce


As Magento is ever growing in popularity as an e-commerce platform, B2B business owners are also¬†increasingly looking to Magento as a basis for their online efforts. Below are the biggest weak points of Magento¬†when it is to be used as a buiness-to-business store along with solutions for them. – No built-in quotation proces Most business […]