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Cart Abandonment – Infographic

Cart Abandonment Statistics

Sometimes you just run into something very shareable. Like this one. The folks at SaleCycle created a great infographic with the latest stats on Cart Abandonment. An important topic for e-tailers, cause once the product is in the cart you’re as close to a sale as you can  be. So why do customers still abandon their cart at that moment? 

Cart abandonment

So, what can we conclude from this inforgraphic?

    First of all, we see a hig abandonment rate during lunch hours. Probably employees that do not have the time anymore to finish their transaction, or just don’t want to do that during working hours.

  • Further on, we see that cart reminder emails are opened very often. Sending such messages makes sense, cause a significant part actually leads to a sale. However, remember you can only do this for visitors that do already have an account with your store. So, these may already be seen as the more loyal customers.

What the infographic doesn’t tell us, are the reasons for abandoning the cart. Cause besides the end-of-lunchbreak reason there are far more reasons that influence what your visitor/customer is deciding to do. The number one reason for leaving your basket is still the hidden or unexpected costs at moment of check-out. High shipping costs and you didn’t expect that? Sorry, but we’ll leave. Not sure if the products are really on stock or when they are going to be delivered? Well, we’re at least in doubt now. Not the payment method of choice I need/want to pay with? Bye… Seeing a coupon field and having the idea that we’re paying too much? Well, we will first look elsewhere if you don’t mind.

So yes, recovering abandoned carts using e-mail is certainly a good possibility. But it will not help you if you’re suffering from the reasons mentioned above. Fix that!

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Robbert is working daily on e-commerce websites in his current job. Writer of Dutch books about WordPress, Joomla and Magento. Living in the Netherlands. Follow Robbert on Twitter

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