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How To Turn Your (Fashion) Ecommerce Store From Blah Into Fantastic with Magento

While there is no disputing the fact that Magento is the best bet for those who want an e-commerce site for their business, it does require thorough knowledge of the platform in order to make thrive any development based on it. Some essentials involve technical expertise, some down-to-earth approach to the business which it is […]

Beware of untrustworthy Magento extension builders


Wow, while talking with a couple of other Magento professionals today we uncovered an extension developer with a possibly nefarious scheme. One (or perhaps more) of their extensions adds a static page to your Magento installation which contains a large piece of advertising specifically about their development expertise. So far about 5000 Magento stores are […]

ex-CTO Magento: eBay does not understand “open”?

Been wondering about how eBay will approach Magento for a while now. As can be found on TechCrunch, Yoav Kutner, Magento’s former CTO has apparantly left because of reasons relating to the non open-source nature of eBay: it would be very interesting to see if Magento will continue to stay open in the manor the […]

Online cart software overview

E-commerce Shopping cart solutions

The definitive list of webshop software. Finding the commerce solution for your website can be hard. The first step is getting all serious contenders in a list, which is what we’ll be doing with this blog post. Note: we will only be covering webshop software that has international traction. Free / open source e-commerce solutions Online […]

Tailoring Magento to B2B e-commerce


As Magento is ever growing in popularity as an e-commerce platform, B2B business owners are also increasingly looking to Magento as a basis for their online efforts. Below are the biggest weak points of Magento when it is to be used as a buiness-to-business store along with solutions for them. – No built-in quotation proces Most business […]

Plundor Magento deal – 100% discount on Webshopapps MatrixRate extension


Over at Plundor, the Premium MatrixRate extension is selling with a 100% discount – meaning, the module is completely free! The deal is only valid for one more day, if you want the module at a later time you’ll have to buy it full-price at Premium MatrixRate shipping extension builds on the free MatrixRate […]

Magento: Imagine that your customers aren’t buying it

Magento Imagine popup

Magento is our favourite e-commerce solution. That’s not someething new here on this blog and you probably are aware of that anyway. But in my opinion, there’s a little scratch now on Magento’s reputation. And if you are a Magento user yourself you”ll immediately recognize what I’m talking about.

86% discount: The Plundor Magento Extension Bundle!


Happy newyear! To kick off the year properly Plundor (which was started by Guido and I) offerts a bundle of six great Magento extensions to crank up those conversion rates. Plundor is selling the $150 dollar bundle (valued at $1,272.50) that’s worth its weight in gold until the end of this week. It’s the first of many bundles and […]

12 Best Practices for E-commerce Checkout Conversions


Your checkout is one of the most important sections of your store, and the easiest to screw up. Every customer of yours that wants to purchase something will pass through it, making it one of the most-visited pages on stores with a lot of products (your customers’ visits will be distributed over your products, but […]

What’s your store’s unfair advantage?


Jason Cohen over at A Smart Bear wrote an excellent article a while ago about why and how your startup busineses can have an unfair advantage. Now, e-commerce  is not an original business idea at all. Of course this doesn’t mean it’s a bad plan to start an e-commerce website, as the e-commerce market is sized […]