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Case study: How Magento’s flexibility allowed us to quickly sell a completely different product with relative ease


One of the big ways in which Magento differentiates itself is by its flexibility. I’ll show you one way in which we utilized that flexibility at a group buying website in The Netherlands called GroupDeal. At GroupDeal, usually we sell localized daily deals which have a from-price, a to-price and a discount percentage on display […]



Making an interactive site can be cumbersome. Somebody recently pointed me to ixEdit, an interaction development aid. It works by generating jQuery javascript code. Hopefully Prototype support will come so ixEdit can also aid in Magento development… There’s a pretty convincing video on their site, showing that the tool can at least be well used […]

4 reasons the mobile commerce revolution is lagging


Rumours and predictions around the rise of mobile ecommerce (mcommerce) have been around and increasing for a number of years. The actual growth of mcommerce has lagged behind predictions. A study by Nielsen shows that only 4% of the predicted number of mobile phone users purchased using their mobile phone. This article explores four reasons […]

Otto’s eCommerce & inspirational shopping


Interesting, mega concern Otto is doing well, sees eCommerce as the biggest sales driver and is investing heavily in social shopping and inspirational shopping. So, what does that mean? Follow the big names and invest in social shopping and inspirational shopping, or try to carve out more niche markets through conventional ecommerce first? With restricted […]