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Category Archive for ‘Ecommerce Basics’

Beware of untrustworthy Magento extension builders


Wow, while talking with a couple of other Magento professionals today we uncovered an extension developer with a possibly nefarious scheme. One (or perhaps more) of their extensions adds a static page to your Magento installation which contains a large piece of advertising specifically about their development expertise. So far about 5000 Magento stores are […]

App, mobile website or responsive website in e-commerce?


A while ago a webshop I help run was faced with the fact that more and more traffic was coming from mobile devices (primarily iPhone, iPad and Android phones). Our website looked and functioned fine on iPads but on smartphones it was poorly usable – images were small, text was barely readable and buttons were […]

Affiliate marketing in e-commerce


An affiliate is another website that promotes your products for a fixed or revenue share reward on sales made by referred traffic to your site. Affiliate marketing can be a good way to increase your traffic and sales without making up-front costs for that traffic. They key, of course, is the right execution.   The […]

12 Best Practices for E-commerce Checkout Conversions


Your checkout is one of the most important sections of your store, and the easiest to screw up. Every customer of yours that wants to purchase something will pass through it, making it one of the most-visited pages on stores with a lot of products (your customers’ visits will be distributed over your products, but […]

What’s your store’s unfair advantage?


Jason Cohen over at A Smart Bear wrote an excellent article a while ago about why and how your startup busineses can have an unfair advantage. Now, e-commerce  is not an original business idea at all. Of course this doesn’t mean it’s a bad plan to start an e-commerce website, as the e-commerce market is sized […]

6 Tips for a better e-commerce product page

Tips to Improve your e-commerce product pages

The product page is one of the most important parts of your online store. If it’s good you will sell more. If it sucks, customers will leave your website early looking for the information theey need somewhere else.

Upselling: e-commerce basics series

How to use upselling in ecommerce

In this new series of articles we’re going to learn you some ecommerce basics. Just starting online? Our new series will help you to learn the basic terminolgy. In this first episode: what is upselling and how to use upsells properly in your online store.