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ex-CTO Magento: eBay does not understand “open”?

Been wondering about how eBay will approach Magento for a while now. As can be found on TechCrunch, Yoav Kutner, Magento’s former CTO has apparantly left because of reasons relating to the non open-source nature of eBay:

it would be very interesting to see if Magento will continue to stay open in the manor the people behind Magento and I meant it to be.


So again, let’s hope eBay will not dump the continued development of the free open source variant of Magento in the hands of the developer community in the future, while they keep developing and selling their own paid variant of Magento. I do not think the developer community for the free version of Magento itself is strong or organized enough to keep something like Magento in the air by itself.


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