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Fix for Magento PayPal and shipping costs

paypal bugfix

There is a bug in the PayPal module in Magento Sometimes shipping costs are not pushed to PayPal resulting in a different paid total in PayPal.

It occurs under these circumstances:

  • The order has shipping costs;
  • Your customer chooses to register a new account during checkout.

For guest customers or already existing customers the problem appears to be absent.

We have created a zip file with a local Magento modification based on the information provided by Magento for the issue. Download the Magento PayPal bugfix package here. Note: Magento only!

The Author of this post is sander

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19 Responses »

  1. thank goodness for this.

    do I merely need to upload the files for this to work?

  2. Yes, upload it to the magento root folder. When done properly you’ll get a folder called “mage” with a subfolder called “paypal” inside the app/code/local folder of your magento installation. It’s always recommended to test before deploying live 😉

  3. Nice easy bug fix, thanks.
    However, does it matter that the original Paypal folder is;
    app/code/core/Mage/Paypal <–(only first p is cap)
    And the bug fix folder is;
    app/code/local/Mage/PayPal <–(both p are caps)
    Is this an issue?

    • sorry not Tom, I have the same question as Nezbo, does this matter?

      • Dear Tyler,

        By having the code in the local folder, Magento’s core code gets overriden by our local patch. This way, you don’t need to make changes to Magento’s core code. So us providing the patch in the local folder is a way to ensure your core Magento code remains intact while your PayPal functionality gets improved. It’s also easy to remove our patch by just removing the local folder.

  4. Ah. Good find, thanks. It matters, some (or most) web hosts are case sensitive!

    We have updated the link above. The new package contains a folder called “Paypal” instead of “PayPal”.

  5. Thanks for this bug fix, I still haven’t tried it, but could you please explain what changes you have made? I am using the same Magento version and made different fix for this. My problem is when customer is registered and already logged in the payment goes okay, after successful paying at Paypal, the order status changes to Complete which is what I need, although when customer is registering during the checkout process I get order state of Processing. The API Debug table registers same request fields and values in both cases except that the order status is Processing.

  6. Hi Zoran,

    The fixes in this package are for shipping costs not being pushed through to PayPal. That might fix your issue as well but we can not be sure about that.

    The safest way to check is to install the local module at a quiet time in your shop and see if that fixes your issue. The module does not change anything in the database and can be removed easily by removing the local folder. So it should be quick to do a test to see if it solves your issue.


  7. Thank for the info, I am having an issue with my magento 1.4.1 version, when I install your patch, getting following error
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method Mage_Paypal_Helper_Data::shouldAskToCreateBillingAgreement() in

    /app/code/core/Mage/Paypal/Block/Express/Shortcut.php on line 105

    any solution for 1.4.1?

  8. Tom,

    The PayPal implementation differs in almost every release of Magento.

    The fix in this blog post is specifically for the PayPal module of Magento and we do not have a patch available for here I’m afraid. If you’re running I’d advise to upgrade to as is a very troubled release…

  9. That fix work on my !!

    Thank you!!!

  10. Hello,

    tnx for your help! Working exellent!

    But I would like to ask,what is the .DS_store file in pack?

  11. Hi Luka,

    Good to hear it’s working well! The .DS_store files are there because I made the zip on a Mac. You can safely delete them if they’re bothering you.


  12. Hi
    Are there any fixes for manento 1.6.2 ?


    • Hi Guy,

      Do you mean a PayPal shipping cost fix? That bug should not be present anymore in Magento 1.6.2. Are you having some other problem with PayPal in Magento 1.6.2?

  13. hi , i am using magento 1.5 and using Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition (includes its own Express Checkout) method for paypal.

    In express checkout, order summery details are displayed in paypal site when order is placed with free shipping. but order summery not displayed when order is placed with tax, shipping cost. please help me what to do .urgent pls

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