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How To Turn Your (Fashion) Ecommerce Store From Blah Into Fantastic with Magento

While there is no disputing the fact that Magento is the best bet for those who want an e-commerce site for their business, it does require thorough knowledge of the platform in order to make thrive any development based on it. Some essentials involve technical expertise, some down-to-earth approach to the business which it is meant for. This is what we, at ZealousWeb, have got to say to you from our vast experience over past years. This article is meant for imparting information regarding the same, with emphasis on fashion e-commerce.


There are many who are driven by a misunderstanding concerning e-commerce business that having a site and showcasing the whole world to the consumers is enough to do the trick for them. It’s time such cherished illusions are dispelled. E-commerce takes a lot more for success than that. We shall first deal with the technical aspect, and then move on to the business side.



As said earlier, Magento is the most preferred platform for building e-commerce sites – provided you, the business owner, and the web developer know what are the requirements of the business.

This open source platform is superb for creating customize solutions for e-commerce portals, which includes different kinds of designs and various functional elements, such as tracking and shipping of goods, managing inventories, controlling pricing, managing various marketing aspects and database, tracking sales, customer relationship management (CRM), improving SEO tools, etc.

What’s more, the solutions you can have with Magento are extremely cost-effective; since it involves only web development costs, the use of the platform itself is absolutely free.

In other words, what it needs to build a real good e-commerce site is

  • A smart business owner who knows what he is doing and what he expects from his business
  • A smart web developer who knows the inside-outs of the technology (the Magento platform) he uses in order to bend it to factionalize diverse business operations of varying complexities through viable solutions

Once these two requirements are met, your business is ready to start.


Fashion is all about style. The saying, ‘Style is man’, is right; because it brings out the personality of the person who wears it. This element of self-expression in wearing style is mainly responsible for statements in style. People have become exceedingly conscious of making a statement through the style they air – statement of how they want people to view them.

It simply means that a lot relies on appearances. What looks good is good. People don’t prefer anything that is good but doesn’t look good. Even when what is good is offered to them in a setting which is not good, they aren’t going to accept it. This tendency is very much evident in the way they prefer buying things from glamorous malls instead of purchasing them from street vendors. It is this difference which is being underlined here as we consider e-commerce portals meant for a niche fashion market. His e-commerce site must look great and have an air of individuality rooted in the vision seen by the businessman for his business.

Another thing, consumers want shopping to be fun, not something boring. Here’s where the functional aspect of website design comes into play. The way your goods are displayed in online galleries, the number of goods and variety that are being showcased, the manner in which graphics and texts are placed, how easy it is to navigate the site, how fast the pages load, how long it takes to finish the online transaction,….these are some of the factors which vitally affect the online buying-and-selling of fashion articles.

As per one guesstimate, 25% of the instances of cart abandonment are due to lack of user-friendly navigation, 21% leave the website due to the time it takes to finish the order process and 15% is lost due to website time-out. These things go a long way towards enhancing customer experience for the site visitors. Most often it is the nice and functional web sites which are making more business than those which are deficient in these respects.


It has become a rule for surviving market competition to come up with a viable marketing strategy and its implementation. The businesses which don’t have these are sure to lose ground against other players in their respective market segments. The fashion market is one of the most fiercely fought for market segments.

Fashion designers the world over are as busy as the web developers in coming up with new designs. Thanks to the fashion technology, their efforts reach the display galleries in no time once the concept behind new fashions is clear. There is such mind-boggling variety available everywhere that ultimately it is the marketing that holds the key to success with the consumers.

Here are some of the proven marketing tactics that might prove extremely helpful to you if you are running a fashion e-commerce business.

  • Use quality graphics to enhance visual appeal of fashion articles displayed in your galleries accompanied by impressive and informative product descriptions
  • Spare some space for customer generated content
  • Keep your web pages optimized in order to keep on top of search results
  • Serve quality at competitive prize
  • Do whatever is needful to attract new customers in your sweep, but, at the same time, don’t forget to offer discount offers to returning customers
  • Contrive to invest a part of your profit in offering gifts to your customers. It works
  • Round-the-clock customer service and easy way to return the goods for whatever reasons responsible that made them disagreeable to your customers after purchase
  • Occupy customers’ attention through promotional emails and additions to your services which show them that you care for them. Pitching right things to right persons increases the chances of making them return to buy more from you
  • Have mobile applications to facilitate searching and buying goods from your portal. It has become a lifestyle with consumers to acquire things on the go. According to one prediction, about 25% of sale will be conducted on mobile devices by 2017. No business can afford to ignore the potential of mobile devices now.


A well-thought-out business plan, its perfect reflection in the functional elements of your e-commerce site and innovative marketing ideas…These, then, are the key factors responsible for the success of any e-commerce business. And if your portal is meant for a niche market like fashion articles such as cloths, accessories, etc, effective marketing becomes all the more important and also challenging. But it always pays to get your acts together on these points. Try them.

The Author of this post is Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel is a digital marketer at ZealousWeb, an ISO Certified Company providing magento ecommerce website development services to worldwide clients. He is passionate about content writing and sports.

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