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Magento Book Beginner’s Guide 2nd edition is available now!

Magento book Beginners Guide 2nd edition 2013

Yes! It’s finally there. You must have noticed that we had too little updates on our ecommerce blog here at lately. It was all for a reason of course. We were working hard on our new book: Magento beginner’s guide 2nd edition. We’re very happy to announce that the book is available now.

It has taken us quite some time to prepare this new Magento book for Packt Publishing. We’ve written books before, but those have been in Dutch, our native language. The Magento book for Beginners is our first international release. It’s immediately available in a large number of international book stores. You may buy the book here at Amazon for an immediate download or hardcopy.

Contents of Magento Book: Beginner’s Guide 2nd edition

In this book we’re focussing on beginners. We take you step by step from installing the solution on a local machine or internet provider. The book contains the following chapters:
Chapter 1: Installation
Chapter 2: General Configuration
Chapter 3: Categories and Attributes
Chapter 4: Simple Products
Chapter 5: Beyond Adding Simple Products
Chapter 6: Customer Relationships
Chapter 7: Accepting Payments
Chapter 8: Configuring Shipping
Chapter 9: Customizing Your Store’s Appearance
Chapter 10: Fulfilling Orders
Chapter 11: Maintaining and Administrating Your Store

Everything you need in this new Magento book, completely rewritten from scratch, covering the latest Magento 1.7 editions.

Buy the Book on Amazon

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Robbert is working daily on e-commerce websites in his current job. Writer of Dutch books about WordPress, Joomla and Magento. Living in the Netherlands. Follow Robbert on Twitter

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have read its first edition at the beginning of my career in Magento development and now will look forward to buy this book to improve my grip on Magento.

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