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Magento: Imagine that your customers aren’t buying it

Magento Imagine popup

Magento is our favourite e-commerce solution. That’s not someething new here on this blog and you probably are aware of that anyway. But in my opinion, there’s a little scratch now on Magento’s reputation. And if you are a Magento user yourself you”ll immediately recognize what I’m talking about.

Since a week or so – I can’t remember the exact date, cause the first time it didn’t bother me – Magento keeps on warning me that Magento Imagine 2012 is coming up!! And I shouldn’t miss that, I am aware of that, Magento. Of course, I do not have a problem that you gave me a little warning, so that I cannot forget. But what are they doing now? Every time I logon to my Magento backend I get a popup message telling me that I should go. Every time there’s another status bar on the top of the screen telling me that I should go. And Magento Imagine 2012 is at the end of April! What? Will you keep me bothering with these messages for the next 2,5 months or so Roy? Come on, you don’t need this kind of behaviour!

Magento Imagine 2012 will be a succes and Magento doesn’t need this kind of tricks. I wonder if last year’s acquisition has something to do with it. And I’m also wondering if Magento users are buying this kind of, well eh spam.

I’m still a Magento fan, that didn’t change of course. But not being able to stop these messages really annoys me. What do you think? Did you notice? Do you care or am I exaggerating?

The Author of this post is robbert

Robbert is working daily on e-commerce websites in his current job. Writer of Dutch books about WordPress, Joomla and Magento. Living in the Netherlands. Follow Robbert on Twitter

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  1. Robert – Thanks for sharing and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience. It is certainly not our intent to have the notification come up more than a single time. Once you have marked the message ‘as read’, it should go away. You can also turn off notifications altogether.

    Thanks again and I hope to see you in Vegas!


    • Thanks Roy, appreciate your comment a lot!
      I don’t think by the way that turning off notifications is a good idea, cause there could be something important. Anyway, I was not the only user that was complaining about this, so maybe people don’t understand it.
      Anyway, meanwhile I found out that you are right – by going into your message section and mark the notice as read this does indeed solve the problem!

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