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Magento – Why is it such a customer friendly platform?


Before we begin, a clarification, ‘customer friendly’ in the title not only refers to customers on a site but also business owners who prefer Magento ecommerce platform to satisfy the requirements of their online business. We will take talk about each ‘customer’ separately so as to give you a better idea of why using Magento is such a great idea.

Ecommerce is Extremely Competitive

Global eCommerce sales topped 1.2 trillion in 2012, which just goes to show the immense scope of eCommerce and the fact it is turning out to be a very lucrative industry. This also means there is tremendous industry competition, with ecommerce sites falling over each other to attract attention of a particular target audience. The problem here is that many ecommerce sites target the same audience and that’s why the competition in this domain is tough and keeps getting tougher. One way to beat the competition is giving shoppers a highly satisfying shopping experience. This can only happen if you are able to choose an eCommerce platform that gives you the competitive edge and helps you create an impression on website visitors.

This is where Magento scores and scores big time.

As we mentioned before, in this article we will take a look at Magento from the perspective of the website user and the website owner.

Magento from the Perspective of Online Shoppers (website users)


What do online shoppers need from an eCommerce site? What they want is a site that is extremely shopper friendly. This is a site that is easy to navigate, and has a very convenient shopping cycle that makes shopping a quick and effortless process. Magento not only delivers such a shopping experience, but goes one step ahead and ensure shoppers are able to make informed shopping decisions.

Magento delivers personalized shopping experiences by impressive Magento Themes and taking shopper engagement to the next level. A business owner can choose to offer special discounts, coupons, and promotions to specific shoppers based on their buying history or demographic profile. As a customer, this is of immense benefit as you don’t have to go looking for offers. An offer is waiting for you when you log into the ecommerce site.

What’s more, the shopping process is faster with access to advanced search that throws more relevant product search results. Something else that makes buying easy is the layered navigation filters that allow prospective customers to zero in on the products they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Also Magneto brings to customer a seamless shopping experience across different devices. Contemporary customers access a particular ecommerce website through multiple devices. For example they can access an ecommerce site through their smartphone while they’re commuting and open this site on their desktops when they reach home; what they are looking for is the same shopping experience on all devices. Magento delivers such an experience and a whole lot more.

Magento from the Perspective of a Client


A client in this case is the business owner who wants to get an ecommerce site built. In this case, he is also a customer, who wants to decide which ecommerce platform to choose for building a profitable ecommerce site.

Here again, Magento scores brilliantly by offering features that are worth their weight in gold. It is a platform that is extremely feature rich and ensures clients get the kind of eCommerce websites that they want. They are not bound by any limitations whatsoever.

Three Versions

One of the USPs of this platform is that the ecommerce platform is available in three versions including the Magento Enterprise Edition, The Community Edition (Open Source) and Magento Go. While the enterprise edition is tailor made for huge ecommerce sites, the open source edition is for customers who want tomodify the code and add features and extensions from Magento Connect Market place; Magento Go is a version that is apt for small businesses, which are just entering the world of ecommerce. Each version offers a collection offunctionalities that suit specific needs of businesses. This is what makes Magento so special.

SEO Friendly

While we can go on about the many benefits it brings to table like its excellent shopping features, where it scores over other shopping carts is its SEO friendliness. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is a very search engine friendly platform. This is an important benefit because in the cut throat world of ecommerce, it’s no longer enough that you’ve a website that offers a great user experience Just about every other site is offering the same. It’s more important that your website is easily found by its target audience and this is why it needs to be SEO friendly.

While it Enterprise and Magento Go edition were designed keeping SEO in mind, the Community or its Open Source edition can also be optimized for SEO with the use of extensions like SEO Plus.



In a best case scenario, a business always grows and therefore an eCommerce platform needs to be scalable to keep up with the growth of the webstore. This is another area where Magento delivers as well. A website using the open source version can be scaled up with the addition of various extensions as the business owners see fit, the other two versions by their very nature are scalable and offer plenty of inbuilt features that make them worthy of an online business that is all set to grow exponentially.

Added Benefit


There is a continuously growing community of Certified Magento developers that is coming up with bug fixes and extensions on a regular basis. What this means is that the platform is undergoing continuous development. A customer (business) doesn’t have to wait endlessly to sort out a problem. Somebody somewhere will have a solution for the problem. The Magento community is highly regarded for its ability to come up with cutting edge Magento fixes in the form of add-ons and debugs. This is not a small advantage by any stretch of the imagination.

These are just some of the many reasons why Magento is highly regarded by both types of customers; the one actually shopping from a Magento powered website and those that are the owners of this site.

Live Examples:

1. PepeJeans


PepeJeans based on Magento – A great product, good value for money and creative advertising campaigns have made Pepe Jeans a leading brand that is now present in over 60 countries in all 5 continents.

2. Ford


Ford – The young generation’s car. The site is again on Magento based. The best example of car lovers for online shopping cars and accessories.

3. Blaze Sunglasses


The following example is a different website from the ones we showcased before, mainly because it follows a rather strange way of promoting their work, they buy direct from the brand owners in Italy, cutting out wholesalers and distributors, allowing us to pass on our savings to our customers.

The Author of this post is Aanya Dsouza

Aanya Dsouza is working as a digital marketer and blogger with 4 years of experience. She is a full time employee at web and software development company - Rightway Solution specialize in building business apps and websites. She is always happy to share her passion for ecommerce and mobile technologies. Follow Aanya on Twitter @AanyaDsouza or connect with her on Google+

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