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Meet Magento Netherlands – Anything new?

Roy Rubin at Meet Magento Netherlands 2013

Today we visited Meet Magento in The Netherlands, our home country. It wasn’t our first visit and we’ve seen the event growing during the last couple of years. Magento has been popular here since the very early days. Not so strange, cause something good and available for free receives attention by the Dutch… So, this 5th Meet Magento event in The Netherlands was certainly succesful. Although…

Enterprise focus

It was pretty clear during Roy Rubin’s opening keynote that Magento is focussing on its Enterprise version. That makes sense, cause that’s the one that actually brings in money for the company, including Magento Go. Looking at Magento Enterprise 1.13 there is good news from the technical site. If the presented statistics are correct we may expect a drastic performance increase. And since performance becomes more and more important this is good news for every Enterprise customer. We learned that Magento Community will benefit from these changes as well in version 1.8. And that’s about it. For a audience that contains about 90% community users, it was a little bit, ehh dissappointing.

Magento 2.0

The little information that was given about Magento 2.0 looks promising. Magento will be a better and easier to use solution. And completely future proof using modern but proven technology. The Magento default theme will be reponsive of course, a trend that will all can no longer ingnore. But we’re talking about Magento already for a long time now. And with the larger scale that Magento can operate on now, users expect at least a planned date of release. Cause that is important when you’re using Magento for your business. Are you going to do new projects on the current version or should you wait? Well, according to what we learned today, waiting is not really an option.

The good parts

No, no, we did not have a bad day, certainly not! It’s always good to meet existing partners, new companies presenting themselves, learning from practical cases and of course meet new people! We’ve attended as well technical presentations as sessions on e-mail and internetmarketing. A useful and fun day thanks to the good organisation of Guido Jansen and his team. But next year we really want to see Magento 2.0 live in action!

The Author of this post is robbert

Robbert is working daily on e-commerce websites in his current job. Writer of Dutch books about WordPress, Joomla and Magento. Living in the Netherlands. Follow Robbert on Twitter

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