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Meet Magento Netherlands – Anything new?

, , Roy Rubin at Meet Magento Netherlands 2013

Today we visited Meet Magento in The Netherlands, our home country. It wasn’t our first visit and we’ve seen the event growing during the last couple of years. Magento has been popular here since the very early days. Not so strange, cause something good and available for free receives attention by the Dutch… So, this […]

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E-commerce trends and statistics in Europe

, , european-ecommerce-trends

While we have been working too much lately on our upcoming Magento book, of course we still continue to follow everything that is happening in the e-commerce area. Today I stumbled upon an e-commerce report holding trends and figures of online sales in Europe. Some interesting figures can be found in the reports and the […]

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Beware of untrustworthy Magento extension builders

, magento-signs

Wow, while talking with a couple of other Magento professionals today we uncovered an extension developer with a possibly nefarious scheme. One (or perhaps more) of their extensions adds a static page to your Magento installation which contains a large piece of advertising specifically about their development expertise. So far about 5000 Magento stores are […]

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Responsive ecommerce: is your online store already responsive?

Responsive ecommerce

It wasn’t too long ago when suddenly everybody needed a mobile website and companies spent fortunes on developing their Yes, we’re talking about a separate mobile website. And although online e-commerce isn’t completely accepted yet by the large audience, it certainly becomes more and more important.

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The cons of Magento

, , The Cons of Magento

Ok, if you’ve visited our blog before you know we are Magento fans. No doubt about that. So what about the title of this article, the cons of Magento? Well, I felt earlier this week when I was speaking to a client that it’s true: Magento isn’t the ‘one size fits all’ solution. So there […]

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