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E-commerce trends and statistics in Europe


While we have been working too much lately on our upcoming Magento book, of course we still continue to follow everything that is happening in the e-commerce area. Today I stumbled upon an e-commerce report holding trends and figures of online sales in Europe. Some interesting figures can be found in the reports and the […]

How to Improve Your Online Store

e-commerce service

With the jump in eCommerce, Interactive Media in Retail Group estimates that online sales will pass $1.25 trillion by 2013, it only makes sense that your platform is ready to perform. As an increasingly important aspect of your business, you want to be sure you are up to date to avoid losing impatient customers to […]

Why multiple ecommerce sites lead to increased sales

Multiple ecommerce sites

One strategy that is proven to help businesses increase their sales is to develop multiple ecommerce websites. A broader keyword focus helps to mop up those niche markets with more obscure search terms.

The 10 best e-commerce blogs and websites you shouldn’t miss

The best e-commerce blogs

We’re alyways online. Well amost always. Not only to do our daily work, but we’re always looking for quality information shared by others in the community. And often we see the same e-commerce websites passing by. So, what are the 10 best e-commerce blogs and websites around? 1. Getelastic Our favourite and not without a […]

Can a WordPress site offer serious e-commerce?


Beginners in e-commerce often don’t have a large budget to start an online store. And even a Magento project can consume several thousands of dollars if you don’t have the knowledge yourself. So you’re in search of something easy and cheap, right? Of course, there are lots of possibilities, but in this article we’re paying […]

The 10 best e-commerce infographics

The best e-commerce infographics

Infographics are pretty popular lately. They give the creator often a kind of status and they often go viral on social media. Why? Because we all love to see them! At least, the good ones of course. Every infographic must at least contain a certain amount of valuable information in stead of only plain statistics. […]

E-commerce design inspiration

e-commerce design inspiration

Do you need to create a new webshop or want to redesign an existing one? And you need to get this job done yourself? Or at least set the direction for the new design? We gathered for this post lots of diferent e-commerce designs, from as well widely known as unknown stores. Oh, before we […]

10 Common ecommerce mistakes

E-commerce mistakes, tips and tricks

As owners of an online store we all know pretty well what we should and what we shouldn’t do in our webshop. So why are we still all making those mistakes? Is it a lack of time, a lack of attention or still a knowledge problem? Well, let’s try to do something about that last […]

Manage to-do items in Magento


There’s a new to-do item management module released that┬ámakes for an excellent way of keeping an overview of your pending tasks from within your store’s admin. You can assign tasks to team members, comment / take notes and check them as completed from anywhere in the Magento admin screen.