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The Seven Magic Ingredients for Ecommerce Success – Part 2

ecommerce succes factors

So you are a webshop owner or have plans to start a webshop and success is within reach, right? Well….yes and no. Webshop success is not guaranteed nowadays, to tell you the truth…it never was. You’re not the only one out there, competition is fierce. So how to make your webshop a success? Part 2 […]

10 (Magento) front-end development best practices


Here are 10 best practices for front-end development (in Magento): Understand Magento’s front-end structure and follow conventions. Know how Magento is comprised of modules, know how layout XML creates page layouts and know how html blocks get loaded as defined by the page layouts. It is good to learn Magento’s structure first and then start […]

4 reasons the mobile commerce revolution is lagging


Rumours and predictions around the rise of mobile ecommerce (mcommerce) have been around and increasing for a number of years. The actual growth of mcommerce has lagged behind predictions. A study by Nielsen shows that only 4% of the predicted number of mobile phone users purchased using their mobile phone. This article explores four reasons […]

8 Reasons to pick Magento

magento_seo posted an excellent article on selecting your shopping cart software. In the article eight decision criteria are given for selecting a cart. These points will form the basis for this article as an indication why what you should be looking for in a shopping cart is facilitated in Magento (and of course in Magento […]