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Plundor Magento deal – 100% discount on Webshopapps MatrixRate extension


Over at Plundor, the Premium MatrixRate extension is selling with a 100% discount – meaning, the module is completely free! The deal is only valid for one more day, if you want the module at a later time you’ll have to buy it full-price at Premium MatrixRate shipping extension builds on the free MatrixRate […]

Extension of the week: Follow up Email


Maybe we should change names and rename this section to ‘Extension of the month’. It’s been a while since we discussed one, but we are still learning and improving. So anyway, this time we found an interesting extension for Magento from the well-known developers of Aheadworks: Follow up Email.

Magento Extension of the week: Reviews Booster


Starting this week we’ll regulary take a closer look to Magento extensions available in the community. One warning up front: we cannot give you any guarantees. If you’re already using Magento you probably know what can happen if you’re using too much extensions. So we’re giving you an idea of what is available, not if […]

Quick tip: Admin SSL urls


If you’re building Magento extensions that function in the Magento admin and which have to be used in SSL’d and non-SSL’d environments, you can not use a regular $this->getUrl() call to construct your urls. Instead, use┬áMage::getSingleton(‘adminhtml/url’)->getUrl(). That way the URL is automatically constructed with either SSL or no SSL.