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4 considerations before you download a Magento template


Great, those Magento template sites providing cheap or even free templates! However, before you start you should be aware of these possible issues: Most, if not all, of the cheap or free templates look a lot like default Magento installations. If that is not what you’re looking for, it will probably take a sizeable chunk […]

3 pointers for choosing a Magento template


When it comes to pre-made Magento frontend templates, there’s a wide variety of suppliers. Here are 3 things to look for in the template that is going to be the basis of your eCommerce adventure: The Magento template should match the identity you are trying to convey; The Magento theme should be compatible with the […]

3 pointers for selecting a Magento implementation partner

partner programme

Selecting an implementation partner for your eCommerce platform is hard. Based on a limited amount of knowledge a decision has to be made between a number of providers whose initial pitch is relatively equal. Assuming you have chosen for Magento (solid decision), here are some pointers for selecting your eCommerce Magento partner: Choose a partner […]