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Meet Magento Netherlands – Anything new?

Roy Rubin at Meet Magento Netherlands 2013

Today we visited Meet Magento in The Netherlands, our home country. It wasn’t our first visit and we’ve seen the event growing during the last couple of years. Magento has been popular here since the very early days. Not so strange, cause something good and available for free receives attention by the Dutch… So, this […]

5 highlights of the Magento Enterprise Edition roadmap for 2009 & early 2010


Magento had a webinar yesterday where the roadmap for the Magento Enterprise Edition for Q3 / Q4 2009, & early 2010 was given. Some very exciting (and much-needed) new features were announced, hot off the presses here are the highlights: A WYSISYG CMS system with a lot more flexibility: including creating widgets, the maintenance of […]

Magento: specification, there are no small changes


An excellent blog post by Contrast today covered change requests for web applications. While the example used in the blog post may be a little overdrawn, the main point excellent: there are no small changes to web applications. Magento’s very wide range of out of the box features can lead you to think additional features […]

3 pointers for choosing a Magento template


When it comes to pre-made Magento frontend templates, there’s a wide variety of suppliers. Here are 3 things to look for in the template that is going to be the basis of your eCommerce adventure: The Magento template should match the identity you are trying to convey; The Magento theme should be compatible with the […]

3 benefits of Magento Enterprise Edition gift cards and store credit


On Magento’s blog we can see Magento Enterprise Edition’s gift cards and customer store credits explained. Three ways these can make your store and story better by improving eCommerce functionality: Store credit can be used as a basis for loyalty programmes. Gift cards you offer in real life / in other channels can now also be […]

10 (Magento) front-end development best practices


Here are 10 best practices for front-end development (in Magento): Understand Magento’s front-end structure and follow conventions. Know how Magento is comprised of modules, know how layout XML creates page layouts and know how html blocks get loaded as defined by the page layouts. It is good to learn Magento’s structure first and then start […]

8 Reasons to pick Magento

magento_seo posted an excellent article on selecting your shopping cart software. In the article eight decision criteria are given for selecting a cart. These points will form the basis for this article as an indication why what you should be looking for in a shopping cart is facilitated in Magento (and of course in Magento […]

Magento Enterprise Edition content staging


There is a new blog post at Magento’s web site about Magento Enterprise Edition content staging with a video included. This is a pretty impressive feature, which should make site updates a little safer / better again. I am wondering about the workflows involved in making real use of this, especially when, like often the […]

4 Magento Enterprise Edition frontend improvements


Magento’s enterprise edition has numerous back-end advantages, a more detailed permission system being the nicest in my opinion. The improvements on the default theme in the frontend are somewhat less discussed. The most obvious improvements in the frontend default template are: Cleaner template; not so busy as the bright ‘n blue standard template. Enterprise default […]

3 pointers for selecting a Magento implementation partner

partner programme

Selecting an implementation partner for your eCommerce platform is hard. Based on a limited amount of knowledge a decision has to be made between a number of providers whose initial pitch is relatively equal. Assuming you have chosen for Magento (solid decision), here are some pointers for selecting your eCommerce Magento partner: Choose a partner […]