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Why multiple ecommerce sites lead to increased sales

Multiple ecommerce sites

One strategy that is proven to help businesses increase their sales is to develop multiple ecommerce websites. A broader keyword focus helps to mop up those niche markets with more obscure search terms.

Ultimate Magento SEO tips and tricks – part 2: themes


Here we are back again with a new episode of our Magento Seo tips and tricks series. The first article was about Magento content seo, so now it’s time to take a closer look at themes. Magento  themes? Can that influence your search engine optimization as well? Yes, certainly. Having an optimized theme is just […]

Ultimate Magento SEO tips and tricks – part 1: content

Ultimate magento seo tips and tricks

So, you’re working already with Magento or just started using this great ecommerce solution? And you find it difficult to perform better in the Search engines? Maybe our ultimate list of SEO tips and tricks for Magento can help. However, be aware that there is no such thing as the golden rule or trick that […]

Search engine results quality, branding and Magento


Lately there’s a lot of talk about the quality of Google’s search results. A collection of recent articles about this issue, by Business Insider, shows that: There are increasingly many sites that rank highly in Google while barely offering quality content. These are mostly keyword spam sites or comparison shopping engines. Google spends little effort […]