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A comprehensive checklist for selecting a Magento theme


Here’s a list of things to take into account when you’re selecting a Magento theme from one of the websites that sell pre-made Magento templates. We’re trying to get this list to be as comprehensive as possible. If you have any additions, please let us know! General look & Feel: – Does the template have […]

Dynamically add widget to .phtml file in Magento template


Recently I downloaded a Magento module that seemed to do what I want:  a list of tweets of a certain user, displayed in the frontend of Magento. However, the module was a widget. I did not want to create a CMS page or block solely for inputting the widget’s variable so I sorted out how […]

4 considerations before you download a Magento template


Great, those Magento template sites providing cheap or even free templates! However, before you start you should be aware of these possible issues: Most, if not all, of the cheap or free templates look a lot like default Magento installations. If that is not what you’re looking for, it will probably take a sizeable chunk […]

10 (Magento) front-end development best practices


Here are 10 best practices for front-end development (in Magento): Understand Magento’s front-end structure and follow conventions. Know how Magento is comprised of modules, know how layout XML creates page layouts and know how html blocks get loaded as defined by the page layouts. It is good to learn Magento’s structure first and then start […]

4 Magento Enterprise Edition frontend improvements


Magento’s enterprise edition has numerous back-end advantages, a more detailed permission system being the nicest in my opinion. The improvements on the default theme in the frontend are somewhat less discussed. The most obvious improvements in the frontend default template are: Cleaner template; not so busy as the bright ‘n blue standard template. Enterprise default […]