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6 Tips for a better e-commerce product page

Tips to Improve your e-commerce product pages

The product page is one of the most important parts of your online store. If it’s good you will sell more. If it sucks, customers will leave your website early looking for the information theey need somewhere else.

15 Tips for better conversion by design

Website conversion tips

In the end almost every website has a goal: creating leads or making the sale is one of the major reasons for having a website at all. When designing your website or webshop there are a lot of things that will influence the results. In this article we give you 15 tips that you can […]

10 Common ecommerce mistakes

E-commerce mistakes, tips and tricks

As owners of an online store we all know pretty well what we should and what we shouldn’t do in our webshop. So why are we still all making those mistakes? Is it a lack of time, a lack of attention or still a knowledge problem? Well, let’s try to do something about that last […]